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The most powerful website builder on the market

There are no limitations with Betheme. Start with a pre-built site or create your own design from-scratch. Create a small business website or launch a new online store. Customize as much or as little of your Be site as you want.

You hold all the power. And we've created website builders that will give you all the control and flexibility you desire:

Meet the BeBuilder

Take complete control over your WordPress website with the new and improved BeBuilder!

This user-friendly WordPress builder will enable you to create the best experience for every one of your visitors. Design a pixel-perfect responsive interface. Create advanced layouts. Add engaging interactions. Customize every detail:

  • Colors
  • Gradients
  • Typography
  • Shadows
  • Padding
  • Margins
  • Borders
  • And more

BeBuilder is more than just a WordPress website builder. It's an advanced content management system that puts you in the driver's seat.

Meet the BeWooBuilder

Build high-converting online stores with the BeWooBuilder!

This high-powered shop builder lets you do it all. Customize your product shop and product page layouts, product galleries, and attribute swatches.

BeWooBuilder also enables you to add much-needed shopping features, like:

  • Bottom sticky menu
  • Filters sidebar
  • Drop-down login form
  • Wishlist functionality
  • Drop-down shopping cart

You've never had control over a WooCommerce site like this before.

650+ pre-built websites with 1-click installation

We’ve designed WordPress websites for every business and every purpose. You won’t need to go anywhere else to find a portfolio WordPress theme, a one-page WordPress theme, a WordPress theme for small businesses, a WooCommerce shop theme, and so on.

We’re always adding new WordPress sites to Betheme. With 650+ pre-built sites to choose from, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here:






Creating a website with Betheme is as easy as 1-2-3

Deliver a website or a WooCommerce shop in hours, not days with this multipurpose WordPress theme:

Choose from hundreds of pre-built websites built for every business. Install your ready-made site with one click.

Customize your site using built-in BeOptions, pre-built components, and the website builder of your choice.

Publish your website and start wowing visitors, collecting leads, and closing sales in record time.

Trusted by hundreds of thousands of web designers, developers, and business owners

Betheme is one of the top multipurpose WordPress themes in the world for a reason. But don’t take our word for it.

Here are just some of the reasons why our clients love Betheme:

“Awesome WordPress theme — very easy to customize and the support is top-notch. Documentation with videos is accurate.”

“This WordPress theme is simply the best. So far I’ve been using it for several websites and the results are astonishing. The great thing is that they allow you to use the same license for dev and staging environments while other ThemeForest authors don't. ”

“I have to say that the new live builder is an absolute masterpiece. So far I used Elementor, but switching to your new WordPress builder will definitely affect the speed of my work and greater customer satisfaction. Love it!”

“Truly outstanding product packed with tons of awesome features. What makes me very happy, the author focused on WooCommerce features during the last update and now this product is 100% complete. I have nothing else to add :)”

“Bravo! I purchased this theme years ago, but never used it in production due to the lack of WooCommerce customization. Now that Betheme has a WooCommerce builder and more customization, I am thrilled that I will now be able to use it for one of my shops! Congrats!”

“Fantastic theme. Fast support. Constant updates. What more can you ask for?”

Small budget? No problem.

Building websites from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive. That’s not the case with this WordPress theme for designers.

With the one-time licensing fee, you get access to everything. That includes free lifetime updates plus our world-class customer support.


Work smarter. Create better. Build faster.

Transform the way you design websites with Betheme. The possibilities are limitless:

Build one website with Betheme Or... Use it to create an endless array of sites for your clients
Create a single experience for all your users Or... Take advantage of Betheme’s responsive editing tools to create the most user-friendly experiences for everyone
Launch a professional-grade site in a few hours Or... Take your time customizing every inch of the site and make it truly your own
Leverage Betheme’s library of pre-built sites Or... Build your site from premade components or from-scratch designs or code
Use the built-in styles from the theme Or... Create your own global styles from BeOptions
Refer to Betheme’s repository of video tutorials, knowledgebase, and blog posts if you get stuck Or... Contact Betheme’s support team and get fast and pain-free resolution
Devote hours to updating or redesigning your site Or... Use Betheme’s version control system to instantly restore a prior version of your work
Spend extra money on faster web hosting and a complex caching system Or... Lay down a fast and lightweight foundation with Betheme
Spend $$$ on a premium theme and various plugins to build a unique site for yourself or your client Or... Buy a one-time Betheme license and get everything you need to create an amazing website


Premium support for a premium solution

If you run into a problem with this multipurpose WordPress theme or have questions about how to get the most from it, choose from one of our self-service options or get in touch with our 5-star customer service team:

Video tutorials

1080p HD tutorials that are easy to follow for beginners and pros alike


Find the answers to Betheme users’ most commonly asked questions

Theme docs

Refer to this step-by-step guidebook for tips on using BeOptions & features

Ticket system

Submit a ticket and receive an answer in no time (six hours is our average response time)

Purchase Betheme & get started today

WordPress users of all skill levels trust Betheme because it solves problems that other WordPress themes and WordPress website builders can’t.

Get your Betheme license from Envato and see for yourself how truly powerful this WordPress theme is.


Frequently asked questions

Ever since Betheme was just an idea, we knew that it would be different from all the other multipurpose WordPress themes we’d tried before.

We wanted to build something more than just another WordPress theme. Over the years, it’s developed into a WordPress powerhouse that helps users of all skill levels do it all — without actually having to do much themselves. Betheme is the most intuitive, flexible, and cost-efficient web design platform for WordPress.

The license can only be purchased through Envato Market via ThemeForest. Please remember that this is the only place where you will receive a fully functioning and safe product legally.

With your Betheme license, you'll get access to over 650 pre-built websites, 3 website builders you won't find anywhere else, bundled plugins, and extra add-ons.

In addition, you get free lifetime updates, which includes all future pre-built websites (in case you want to experiment with a different design). Six months of free support also comes with the purchase; therefore, you don't have to worry about anything if you encounter any obstacles.

No, absolutely not. Betheme is a one-time purchase.

They certainly are! This goes for all current and future pre-built websites.

Of course! Betheme is fully compatible with the Elementor page builder. Many of our pre-built sites come pre-installed with the page builder plugin, too. Just look for the Elementor “E” icon next to the site's name.

There are several possibilities. You can contact us both in the support forum or open a private ticket. However, we recommend that you start your adventure with Be from the Support Center.

Betheme is one of the most popular WordPress themes in the world, with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. Our product has been continuously developed since 2014, both among private users and web developers or agencies. All development and support are managed by a team of experienced professionals who love what they do.

Plus, thanks to our customers' suggestions, Betheme gets better every day.