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Build websites and online stores like a pro with BeBuilder

There is no limit to what you can create with the best WordPress page builder and advanced content management system.

The BeBuilder difference

Exclusive to Betheme, BeBuilder removes the limitations and frictions that web designers and website owners often encounter when using other WordPress page builders.

Don’t take our word for it though. Here are just some of the reasons why BeBuilder has become WordPress users’ favorite way to build websites and online stores:

"Since last week, I've been testing your new WordPress page builder with my teammates and I'm really shocked. You've done a great job, Muffins :) In my agency, we use various builders on a daily basis, such as Elementor, Divi or WPBakery. Last week, while working on various projects for clients, we were very surprised to find that something that could not be built in the editors we have used so far could be done in yours without any problem. The Flexbox on which you largely based your new builder is definitely something that my agency was missing. It looks like we have a new winner for our daily work."

"I am not one of those people who can easily be persuaded, especially with new solutions. I assume that if something works, why change it? Nevertheless, I decided to give your new building tool a chance. And I was not disappointed at all. It's perfect, fast and really fun to work with. I ❤️ it in every aspect and will certainly recommend it to everyone."

"The BeBuilder is awesome. I am truly shocked how much your editor has evolved and how great it works now. I can do way more advanced customisations immediately without using any code. I keep my fingers crossed for you to further develop the product, because what you have been doing recently is amazing :D"

"Bravo! I purchased this theme years ago, but never used it in production due to the lack of WooCommerce customization. Now that Betheme has a WooCommerce builder and more customization, I am thrilled that I will now be able to use it for one of my shops! Congrats!"

"Can't believe this new web builder is included for free. Seriously love you Muffin group team. So far been working in our agency with your backend version and Elementor which I have to pay for but not anymore. Seems I can switch to your new visual builder now. It's awesome, I really don't know how else to express my satisfaction :D:D:D:D"

"The new Bebuilder is better than any other website builder I've been working with so far. It's a true new definition of creating websites. Just wanted to refresh my review because I am truly amazed with the new header and mega menu builder you added in the latest update. From now on I can build anything I want, seriously. You guys did a really great job!"

"The update with the header and footer builder rocks. It makes Betheme complete — now you can edit everything without any limits. The builder is fast and intuitive, even if you are not sure about one feature. Moreover, the support with their documentation or videos describes everything, step by step. "

"This is truly the best WordPress theme I ever worked with and I’ve worked with many popular solutions like Divi, Elementor and Avada. Betheme exceeded my wildest expectations. You have the fastest builder and it’s more stable than anything else I’ve tried so far."

A fast and feature-rich WordPress page builder

Build anything you imagine with the help of this code-free and fully customizable editor.

Live builder

What you see is what you get. Create and customize your website with this WordPress page builder and watch your pages come alive in real time.


There’s never been an easier way to add, edit, and reorganize the components on your web page than with BeBuilder’s drag-and-drop editor.

In-line editing

Our live text editor enables you to visually create and edit content. A floating toolbar lends support by offering style settings for typography, color, and more.

Flex layouts

CSS Flexbox offers a more efficient way of positioning elements within containers. It also gives you the ability to design advanced layouts with ease.

Responsive design

Make any website pixel-perfect with BeBuilder’s responsive editor, templates, custom breakpoint settings, and more.

Template library

Leverage pre-built sites, importable pages, pre-defined sections, pre-made elements, and more. Give your creativity the time and space it needs to soar.

Customize everything

From the smallest bits of content to the sections that contain them, make creative decisions regarding color, fonts, spacing, layout, backgrounds, animation, and more.

CSS classes and IDs

Take control of the nitty-gritty details with custom code. Set custom classes or ID names for sections, wraps, or elements and apply declarations globally or individually.

Get access to BeBuilder when you buy Betheme

BeBuilder isn’t a separate page builder plugin you have to buy or install. It’s included with every purchase of Betheme and is ready to go the second you step inside of WordPress and install your theme.

To transform the way you build WordPress websites, get Betheme today.


Pre-built sites and content to improve your design process

Take advantage of Be’s enormous library of pre-made content and add it to your site in an instant.

650+ pre-built websites

BeBuilder is included in Betheme, which means you get access to all current and future pre-built websites. Simply find the one you want, install it, and customize it from your Pages.


100+ pre-defined sections

Our pre-built sections - including ones for the header and footer - are designed with simplicity and consistency in mind. Choose the one you want to use, add it to the page, and it’ll seamlessly blend in with your existing content.


80+ elements

Implement your vision without having to compromise. Add, edit, and move around UI elements from our diverse and expansive library however you like — visually or from the dashboard.


3000+ importable pages

Sometimes you don’t need an entire website. Using BeBuilder’s menu, locate any individual page from a Betheme pre-built site and instantly import it into your own.


Export / import content

It’s not just Be’s pre-made content that makes it fast and easy to create with this WP page builder. Export and import your custom sections or content between various pages or sites.


The easiest way to do responsive design

Design 100% responsive websites with BeBuilder’s feature-packed builder.


Responsive WordPress page builder

Switch between desktop, tablet, and mobile and adjust settings to make your site look perfect on any device. Without any fuss.

Custom breakpoints

Make sure every element on your pages looks pixel-perfect regardless of which device your visitors use with breakpoint configurations.

Responsive visibility

Create a unique design or content for visitors without having to build different sites. Specify which devices to make your sections, wraps, or elements appear on.

Full-width option

Make whole sections full-width regardless of the grid width. All it takes is one click from the BeBuilder to transform the section.

Responsive components

Save time testing and editing your pages for responsiveness by leveraging pre-built responsive sites, pages, sections, and elements.

Responsive headers and footers

Make it easier for your users to navigate your website on any device. Design your headers and footers with device-specific layouts, features, and settings.

Design advanced and flexible layouts

BeBuilder’s Sections and Layouts are built using CSS Flexbox. This will give you more flexibility over how you design your page. You can always start with one of our pre-built sites or sections, or create an advanced layout of your own with flex positioning.

Customized layouts

Divide your web pages into as many sections and columns as you want. Then, design unique layouts with the help of wraps.

Dimensions, padding, and margins

Set custom dimensions for any section, wrap, or element. Adjust padding and margins for any element on the page.


Control the order in which wraps or elements appear in the flex container. Reverse its order on mobile automatically with the built-in option, too.

Flexible positioning

Set the position for each section, wrap, or element as well as vertical spacing and horizontal alignment with Flexbox.

You can also position anything regardless of the grid with Absolute Position.

Adjust z-index

Move any section, wrap, or element to the front or back of the layered elements by setting the appropriate z-index.

Configure the header

Choose from a variety of header layouts and settings. For instance, put it all on one level, make it multi-level, or add a promo bar to it. You can also make it stick or set it to static or absolute positioning.

Sticky wraps

Make any element stay put by putting it inside a sticky wrap anywhere on the page.

Increase engagement with elements your visitors care about most by "sticking" them to the screen.

Get BeBuilder now

Feeling excited about everything you can do with BeBuilder? This page builder is free when you buy a license for Betheme — the most powerful multipurpose theme and website builder for WordPress.

*Only available through Envato

Betheme Betheme

Features to optimize your web design workflow

BeBuilder is more than just a feature-rich editor. Its built-in tools will help you design faster and easier than you ever have with WordPress.


Our advanced backup system includes autosave and revision features that automatically save your changes every 5 minutes. Use this feature to revert to older versions as well.

Redo / undo

Restore your content from any point of progress on the page. Simply Undo or Redo any action you’ve made using the revision history feature inside of the page builder.


Build faster with easy-to-execute keyboard shortcuts for Undo, Redo, Copy, Paste, Duplication, Preview, Responsive Mode, Quit, and more.


Right-click on any component on the page to effortlessly Edit, Copy, Paste, or Remove it. You can also Copy, Paste, and Reset the element’s style.

Copy / paste / duplicate

Use the right-click function or shortcodes to Copy and Paste any element to another part of the page. Use Duplicate to recreate it next to the existing element.

Layer navigator

View the structure of your web page from the Navigator feature. You can also use it to quickly navigate between sections, wraps, and any other elements on the page.

UI mode

Adjust the colors of the BeBuilder user interface based on your personal preference. Dark mode, light mode, and auto are available.

Text editor

Use the text editor of your choice for effortless content management: WYSIWYG for visual editing or CodeMirror for HTML editing. Then, switch between the two as needed.

Navigation style

BeBuilder gives you the choice of working with a Classic or Modern editing toolbar to make adding and customizing elements even more intuitive.

One-page websites

It doesn’t take much work to create a single-page website with Be. Set up your page and enable the one-page website setting and click-to-scroll navigation inside the BeBuilder.

Conditional content

Create as many templates as you like and assign them to specific kinds of pages. You can also control which templates display based on categories or tags.

Set header and footer conditions

Create different header and footer templates and then set the conditions for when they should appear on the site — on certain pages, page types, or site-wide.


While the live editor allows you to see your changes reflected in real-time, you also have the option of previewing the page in a distraction-free setting.

Is there anything BeBuilder doesn’t do?

Sort of. BeBuilder is a comprehensive page builder, so we built it for that specific purpose. We believe in creating dedicated tools to improve the way web designers manage different parts of their websites.

That’s why Betheme comes with three companion management systems to BeBuilder:



Betheme is not only a cost-efficient site building solution, it’s also time-efficient.

In addition to the pre-made content available, designers use BeOptions to configure site-wide theme settings in a matter of clicks.

From fonts to colors and everything in between, you’ll be able to customize it all.



WordPress websites that are ecommerce-enabled deserve a special set of tools.

However, WooCommerce offers only limited support and features when it comes to this.

With BeWooBuilder, web designers take full control over their site’s ecommerce features, page designs and layouts, and more.



Use the Header Builder to create custom headers, footers, and mega menus with all the features your users are looking for — like the search bar, shopping cart icon, payment methods, and more.

The best part is you’ll do it all from inside BeBuilder, so there are no limitations on what you can create.


BeBuilder is faster than ever

BeBuilder will transform how quickly and effectively you work. There’s no doubt about that. Our WordPress page builder plugin is blazingly fast and light with a 100% score on GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights.

BeBuilder page builder


Ergonomics of work




BeBuilder is fully supported

We offer all kinds of support in case you run into issues with BeBuilder, have questions about a feature, or simply want to learn how to get more from this page builder plugin.


Our Frequently Asked Questions is a good resource to start with for basic questions about Betheme, BeBuilder, and your license.



This is Betheme’s do-it-yourself guidebook. If you can’t figure out a particular feature, or aren’t sure if you can do what you envisioned, start your search here.


Support Forum

When you get stuck or are dealing with an urgent matter, our support system is the best place to go. Submit a ticket and get a response back ASAP.