The best one-page WordPress theme and website builder

You can do a lot with a one-page website these days. You can promote special events, professional services, mobile apps, books, and more.

If you want to build a one-page website that can do everything that a multi-page website can, however, you’ll need a one-page WordPress theme like Betheme that won’t shortchange you on features, functionality, or flexibility.

When to create a one-page website vs. a multi-page website

Not sure if a single page will be enough for the website you’re building? This short questionnaire will point you in the right direction:

One-page website

Multi-page website

Will you need a mega menu to fit all your content? No Yes
How many pages or sections of text do you need to add to the site? 1-5 6+
Will your site target different kinds of users or customers? No Yes
Do you have multiple calls-to-action to promote? No Yes
How often will you add new content, services, or products? Never/Rarely Frequently
Will you be adding a blog? No Maybe/Yes
How many items are you going to sell? 0-3 More than a few
Do you need to add a support forum? No Maybe/Yes
Is your overall SEO strategy complex and targeted at dozens or more keywords? No Yes

What kind of one-page websites can you build with Betheme?

There are a lot of different businesses you can promote and monetize with a one-page website. Whether you’re looking for inspiration and want to explore the possibilities or you’re ready to get started, Betheme’s collection of one-page pre-built websites is the best place to go:

All the features you’ll get from this powerful one-page WordPress theme

One of the issues you may run into when using free themes (and even some premium ones) is how limited they are. Even though single-page websites tend to be minimally designed and concise in terms of content, it should never come at the expense of functionality.

If you’re looking for a one-page WordPress theme that offers outstanding value for what you’ll pay for it, look no further than Betheme.

Pre-built one-page themes

When you buy Betheme, you get access to over 650 pre-built sites. All it takes is just a couple clicks to install the one-page WordPress theme of your choice. There are more than 100 to choose from, with more getting added every day, too.

If you decide down the road that you need to redesign your site — or your business has grown too big for it — don’t worry. Betheme makes it easy to switch from one theme to another.


Responsive, space-efficient designs

As a general rule of thumb, modern design should be responsive and minimal. This is especially important when all of your content will appear on the same page.

Each of our one-page WordPress themes are designed with space-efficiency and conciseness in mind, so you won’t have to worry about it. Plus, BeOptions gives you the ability to configure alternate layouts that are just as user-friendly.


One-page navigation

Just because there’s only one page on your website doesn’t mean visitors won’t need a navigation for help — especially on mobile. In order to set up navigation links that point to various sections on the page, however, it requires the setup of anchors.

When you build your site using a Betheme website, you won’t have to worry about coding or dealing with the complexities related to a one-page navigation. It’ll already be built in for you.


User-friendly page builders

When you buy Betheme, you get access to our two builders, a library of premade sections as well as 60+ customizable elements. To say it’s easy to add, remove, and customize content with Betheme would be an understatement.

BeBuilder is an intuitive drag-and-drop builder that gives you total control over how your website looks and how visitors interact with it. BeWooBuilder is a much-needed solution for WooCommerce, giving you the power to customize all of your ecommerce-related components.


Eye-catching special effects

One-page designs tend to be very simple and the messaging within them succinct. In order to capture the attention of your visitors with limited content and convince them to convert, you’ll need to get creative.

With this one-page WordPress theme, you’ll not only impress visitors visually, but also with special effects. Most of our websites come pre-programmed with micro animations and other special effects like image hover, animated illustrations, number counters, loading animations, and more.


Performance optimization

Websites these days tend to use lots of imagery and videos. On one-page sites, this can become problematic for a number of reasons. One is how much space they consume in the UI. Betheme’s space-efficient designs and elements will help you solve that one.

The other problem relates to slow loading speeds caused by large media files. Betheme’s fast WordPress builder has been optimized to help mitigate this issue.


Betheme users on why they love this WordPress theme

One-page WordPress themes might not be hard to come by these days, but a one-page theme that makes it fast and easy to get a fully functioning business site online? Now, that’s a different story.

If you want more proof, here’s what our users have to say about our WordPress theme:

“You will not need any other theme now, Betheme is here! It contains a lot of incredible and customizable features which will make your website customer-friendly. Also, the customer support is outstanding — their response time is rapid and accommodating.”

“Well documented theme and code well structured. Also feature rich without getting your hands dirty with code.”

“The theme is one of the best and the support is amazing!”

“Truly outstanding product packed with tons of awesome features. What makes me very happy, the author focused on WooCommerce features during the last work and now this product is 100% complete. I have nothing else to add :) Keep up the great work, guys!”

“Great theme with good price and very easy to use. I'm sad that I have to choose just one reason for my review... I choose it because of how many beautiful site templates there are — the best I have seen here on Envato. Their quantity and quality are much more than I needed. I've made my first, non-complex site in a couple of hours and that was what I needed.”

“The best theme ever — really fast and customizable. Moreover, the new live builder is awesome! I was very surprised how, after building the website with Be, for many keywords in Google my website soared upwards.”

“Awesome theme, very easy to customize, and the support is top-notch. Documentation with videos is accurate.”

“I purchased this theme years ago, but never used it in production due to the lack of WooCommerce customization. Now that Betheme has a WooCommerce builder and more customization, I am thrilled that I will now be able to use it for one of my shops!”

“I have to say that the new live builder is an absolute masterpiece. So far I used Elementor, but switching to your new builder will definitely affect the speed of my work and greater customer satisfaction. Love it!”

“Fantastic theme. Fast support. Constant updates. What more can you ask for?”

“This theme is simply the best. So far been using it for several websites of my customers and results are astonishing. The great thing is that they allow you to use same license for dev and staging environments while other ThemeForest authors don't. It is also worth mentioning that support is top notch. Their help is really quick and always on point and I am aware that I am not an easy client :D I would even give 10 stars if possible for the overall results because this theme is just complete.”

“Easy to use. Do not need to be an expert. Thank you.”

Build a beautiful website for your business with a Betheme one-page WordPress theme

With Betheme, you can build anything you can imagine — a landing page for a mobile app, a web design portfolio, and a small business website, among other things. Whether you need a theme that will work for one site or for hundreds, or one page or many, Betheme is the best WordPress and WooCommerce theme for the job.

Frequently asked questions

The numbers alone will tell you a lot about Betheme:

  • 247,000+ sales to date
  • 4.83-star rating out of 5
  • 650+ pre-built websites
  • 2 powerful page builders
  • $174 bundled plugins value
  • 600+ theme options

Betheme is one of the most popular WordPress themes, and with good reason. You won’t find better value, more control, or higher quality anywhere else.

While there are some great one-page themes out there that also happen to be free, they always come with a tradeoff. You might not be able to edit your website header or footer. Or you might not be able to change the page layout. In order to unlock the full power of a theme, you have to pay.

With Betheme, you pay a one-time fee and instantly get access to everything you’ll ever need to create a beautiful, unique, and feature-rich website of your own.

Betheme has two builders. BeBuilder gives you control over the regular pages on your website. BeWooBuilder gives you control over your ecommerce components.

Over the years, we’ve developed our builders in response to the feedback we’ve received from our users. That said, we understand that some web designers have been using other page builders for so long that it’s impractical to switch to a new one (at least right away). That’s why we’ve made sure that our theme and many of our websites are Elementor compatible.

Betheme users get six months of free customer support. In addition, we offer self-support through our website as well as a dedicated support forum for Be customers.

The Regular License costs $59. This is a one-time fee and includes all future software updates (including any new pre-built sites we release) as well as six months of free customer support.