The best WordPress theme for web designers

There are thousands of WordPress themes for designers and creative agencies to choose from, so what makes Betheme so special?

This complete website building solution is a web designer’s best friend. You could use Betheme to create 100 client websites and end up with a completely unique design every single time. That’s just one of the many benefits of integrating Betheme into your web design workflow.

Strengthen your competitive edge with Betheme

Betheme isn’t a theme that will restrict where and how you’re able to customize a website. There are no limits on your creative freedom with this multipurpose WordPress theme for web designers.

That’s just one of the benefits of making Betheme part of your web design workflow:

Betheme’s code-free toolkit for web designers

One of the reasons why web designers love working with Betheme is because it’s the ultimate WordPress toolkit. You’ll never have to build a website from-scratch again while, simultaneously, having the flexibility to design anything you can imagine.

It’s all thanks to Betheme’s website builder toolkit:

Choose from 650+ pre-built niche websites

It all starts with the pre-built website. These hand-crafted websites lay the foundation for every website you build.

You’ll find feature-packed websites for every niche. What’s more, our website collection stays in step with the latest web design trends so you’ll have a fast and convenient way to design attractive, modern, and competitive websites for your clients.

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Turn your vision into a reality with BeBuilder

WordPress designers have a growing list of page builders to choose from. BeBuilder is more than just a drag-and-drop page builder though. It’s an advanced content management system that will simultaneously simplify and transform the way you design.

Every tool you’ll need to add, customize, or manage your content is inside BeBuilder. In addition, you’ll have tools to help you with version control, importing and exporting, responsive editing, and more.

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Create a custom ecommerce experience with BeWooBuilder

WooCommerce is the most popular and powerful ecommerce solution for WordPress and with good reason. However, web designers often have to add extra plugins and use special themes in order to effectively design with it

BeWooBuilder has changed all of that. Create custom layouts for different ecommerce pages. Change product gallery styles. Add conversion-boosting features like wishlists, catalogue mode, and sticky menus. And control how each element appears on your product pages.

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Easily create advanced layouts and features with BeBlocks

Pre-built sites and page templates take care of the tedious part of building web pages from-scratch. Using them means giving yourself more time to flex your creative muscles and to create a website that aligns with your vision and helps your client achieve their outcomes.

That said, you never really have to start from-scratch with Betheme. BeBlocks are the building blocks designers use to create sections and columns as well as to customize content and functionality.

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Take control of every component on your site with BeOptions

There are lots of tedious things you have to do as a web designer. For instance, if you’re using a theme without a header/footer builder, you’ll have to create and customize the code of a child theme in order to make those changes. Or install a plugin which makes your site load just a bit more slowly.

With Betheme, you don’t have to do these workarounds nor do you have to spend time implementing global changes one at a time from page to page. BeOptions give you total control over the theme — the header and footer, individual page layouts, additional features like social media and SEO, and more.

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Invest in your own success with Betheme

Let’s be honest, no one has time to master the ins and outs of numerous WordPress themes and website builders (not to mention all the plugins you have to use). It’s not sustainable.

But that’s the beautiful thing about this premium WordPress theme for designers. It includes:

  • 650+ pre-built websites
  • Dedicated WordPress and WooCommerce website builders
  • 3000+ page templates
  • 600+ theme options
  • 200+ UI elements
  • 100+ pre-defined sections
  • $174 worth of plugins

That’s one modern WordPress theme with all the functionality, features, and customization capabilities you’ll need to build any kind of website you can imagine -- including your own portfolio website. And you get it all for a one-time licensing fee of $59!

What The People Thinks About Us

“The BeBuilder is awesome. I am truly shocked how much your editor has evolved and how great it works now. I can do way more advanced customisations immediately, not using any code. I keep my fingers crossed for you to further develop the product, because what you have been doing recently is amazing.”

“I’m delighted that you read and examined what your customers say. After the latest update of Betheme, I saw a huge improvement in BeBuilder’s speed. Right now, it can be an Elementor killer! Glad that you created keyboard shortcuts for it — really helpful for a smooth workflow, they’re real time savers.”

“Simply amazing!!! Been working with many top WordPress themes but this one is the most awesome. And the most recent version? I have nothing to add other than that everything works great as expected. Apart from that, their customer support is top-notch, quick and always helpful.”

“Bravo! I purchased this theme years ago, but never used it in production due to the lack of WooCommerce customization. Now that Betheme has a WooCommerce builder and more customization, I am thrilled that I will now be able to use it for one of my shops! Congrats!”

“Well documented theme and code well structured. Also feature rich without having to get your hands dirty with code.”

“Shout out to the entire Muffin team. We recently had a popular (not by BeTheme standards, of course) theme developer abandon everything they had done prior to force essentially an entire site rebuild if the purchaser chose to update. This included abandoning WP Bakery, which is still widely used. I know there are lots of opinions on page builders and the thing I love about your theme is you allow those opinions to work in day-to-day practice without putting your thumb on the scale. Kudos to your wise decision-making and allowing us to build great websites based upon our specific needs!”

“Can't believe this new web builder is included for free. Seriously love you Muffin group team. So far been working in our agency with your backend version and Elementor, which I had to pay for but not anymore. Seems I can switch to your new visual builder now. It's awesome — I really don't know how else to express my satisfaction :D:D:D:D”

“The latest update is what I've been waiting for so long. Until now, for all customer stores I had to use Flatsome or Woodmart but never again. Your builder for WooCommerce is simply a masterpiece. Thank you guys for making Be even more awesome.”

A WordPress theme your clients will love, too

Clients and employers aren’t always the easiest to work with when it comes to websites.

Sometimes it’s because they have no idea what they want and so they leave you with nothing to work with but an infinite mountain of possibilities. Other times it’s because they want you to create something that far exceeds the limitations of the WordPress theme… or their budget.

You didn’t become a web designer so you could hand-hold clients. You did it because you love creating websites that end users find valuable and, in turn, that your clients profit from.

Betheme will not only restore your love for web design, it will also give you the toolset to make your clients fall in love with the high-performance sites you build for them.


Use Betheme to design an awesome website

Impress your client with the quality of your work


Launch a website that more and more visitors engage with

Your very happy client entrusts you to do more work


The now loyal client refers other businesses your way

Professional support you won’t get anywhere else

You don’t need to be a technical WordPress guru in order to figure out Betheme or to fix issues that pop up along the way. If you have questions or experience any problems with the theme, Betheme offers all the support — hands-on and hands-off — that you need:


Start with our Frequently Asked Questions if you need help managing your theme.

Theme docs

Learn how to use the theme, builders, and all their features in Betheme’s documentation.

Video tutorials

Peruse our video tutorials for guidance and tips on how to use the theme.

Support forums

Your Betheme license gives you 6 months of free customer support.

What kinds of websites can you create with Betheme?

We’re not exaggerating when we say you can create anything you want with Betheme -- from simple one-page websites to the personal portfolio website of your dreams. While we give you all the tools you need to turn your vision into a reality, you also have over 650 pre-built websites to start from: