The best architect WordPress theme

Professionals in architecture and related fields need portfolio websites that will do their work justice. That usually translates to a website that’s modern, beautiful, with clean lines, and full of stunning project imagery. If these are the results you want, look no further than Betheme.

It all starts with a pre-built website

Just as it does when you construct or design a property, a website starts with a well-built foundation. That’s the role that our pre-built websites play.

With over 650 architect WordPress theme options to choose from, you’ll find a great mix of general purpose websites as well as niche websites. Here are some of the most recent additions to our architecture-related website templates:

BeArchitect 5

A great choice for architects and architecture firms alike.

BeBuilder 2

For construction firms and home builders that want to focus on the bigger picture.

BeInterior 6

A creative theme well-suited for interior designers and studios.

BeCarpenter 4

For construction professionals with products and materials to show off.

BeGarden 4

Perfect for landscapers and garden designers to show off their outdoor work.

BeDeveloper 4

For land and real estate developers trying to appeal to local owners and buyers.

BeRenovate 4

Perfect for renovators and remodelers that want to look different from the rest.


For digital planners and home staging companies with abstract concepts to show.

Get to know the Betheme toolbox

From the outside, Betheme might seem like a simple enough solution for WordPress website design. While it simplifies and streamlines the web design process, and no coding skills are needed to use it, this architecture WordPress theme and website builder are far from simple.

Everything you need to build the website you envisioned is all right here:

Live, visual building

There’s no need to switch between the editor and preview to see the results of your work. BeBuilder is a drag-and-drop visual builder that enables you to edit in-line with your design or from the intuitive editor panel.

Architect WordPress theme

Betheme comes with 650+ pre-built websites. This collection contains all kind of templates -- including architecture WordPress themes, construction WordPress themes, as well as generic portfolio WordPress themes.

Responsive editing

All of the Betheme architecture website templates have been designed to be completely responsive. As you customize your website from BeBuilder, you can use responsive views and settings to ensure that your web pages are pixel-perfect for every user.

BeBuilder Blocks

When you want to add custom content to your web pages, there are dozens of UI blocks — like Text, Video, Portfolio Slider, and Image Gallery — to choose from. Simply drag them into a new container and then customize them to your liking.

UI customization

Take control over every element on the page — from larger sections and wraps to the smaller details of each element. What’s more, you can configure content, style, and advanced settings for each to ensure they’re exactly as you envisioned they’d be.

Custom layouts

There’s a lot you can accomplish from theme options, like creating a unique layout for different page types. This is helpful since you can make tweaks to key page layouts without having to code — just do it with a few clicks.

Header Builder

In addition to customizing page layouts and settings, you can also create custom header designs. If there’s something different you wanted to add or you had in mind a different way of structuring it, this tool will allow you to do it.

Custom fonts and icons

In addition to setting up the usual branded elements like your website logo and color palette, Betheme gives you the ability to use custom typography and iconography. Your visual identity matters a lot in this field, so take advantage of these tools.

Keyboard shortcuts

Work even faster in BeBuilder by mastering the keyboard shortcuts. A little more than a dozen shortcuts will enable you to instantly undo and redo changes, open the navigator, switch responsive views, save your work, and more.

Betheme + BeBuilder: A potent combo for architecture websites

Betheme is more than just a WordPress theme and BeBuilder is more than just a WordPress website builder. Your Betheme license gives you access to an advanced content management system unlike anything else you’ll find for WordPress:

  • 650+ pre-built websites
  • 3000+ page templates
  • 100+ pre-defined sections
  • 80+ UI elements
  • $174 worth of plugins

What’s more, you’ll have extensive control over the theme with more than 600 customization settings and layouts to choose from. If you want to build a clean, attractive, and responsive website for your architectural business, Betheme is the all-in-one solution to do it with.

Make your portfolio website picture-perfect

The project portfolio is arguably the most important part of an architect’s website. A well-constructed WordPress portfolio theme will give you the landscape to display your impressive project imagery against. What you need now is a website builder and tools to help you present them in the best light.

Here are some of the ways in which Betheme’s visual website builder BeBuilder does just that:

Add background imagery

With BeBuilder, you have the ability to set your project photography and videography as background graphics. Not only will this allow you to display full-screen images on your website, but it’ll help you create an atmosphere based on your own work.

Choose your portfolio style

When placing your portfolio samples front and center, there are many different ways in which you can present them. You'll find a huge variety of portfolio layouts in Betheme. Choose from sliders, carousels, galleries, masonry grids, project lists, individual photo boxes, and more.

Create searchable projects

As your body of work grows, so too will your portfolio or project pages on your website. While the beautiful imagery will be more than enough to captivate visitors, giving them tools to search and filter through the work will improve how they engage with it.

Apply special effects

Sometimes a little something extra can get more people to stop and notice the architecture projects you’ve painstakingly photographed or recorded. With BeBuilder, you can add special effects to imagery like parallax, hover triggers, and before/after sliders.

Publish case studies

Your project imagery will be able to speak for itself. Sometimes, though, prospective customers want to hear more about the job in your own words. Case study pages give you more room to display project images and explain what happened to achieve those results.

What do 250K people have to say about Betheme?

To date, Betheme has more than 250,000 users. With a regularly updated WordPress theme, new pre-built websites being added all the time, and ongoing tweaks to the websites builders, it’s no surprise that Betheme maintains a nearly 5-star rating on Envato.

Here’s what Betheme users say about it:

“One of the best WordPress themes I have used so far, as it allows flexibility in the design, is easy to use and is well-supported by the developers.”

“Hats off! This is the best theme I've ever used. Great choice for a non-techie and beginner like me. Previously used Elementor Pro but must say the BeBuilder tool is a lot better. It runs very smoothly and does not crash the browser like Elementor, which irritated me from the very beginning. I am your new fan now!”

“I’m delighted that you read and examined what your customers say. After the latest update of Betheme, I see a huge improvement in BeBuilder’s speed. Right now, it can be an Elementor killer!

Glad that you created the keyboard shortcuts for the builder, really helpful for a smooth workflow — they are real time savers.”

“Best support so far! The theme is great and offers amazing customization options. Once again, great and fast support!”

“Everything is awesome about this product. What's more, this is not just a WordPress theme but the tool that empowers you to build anything you want, whether it’s a landing or one-page project, full-fledged website or advanced shop, Betheme is a really great choice and the support is always there to help you. Strongly recommend this product in every way.”

“I have 4 licenses for this theme, and I used the last one in the last month after a couple of years. I have to say that I was already satisfied in the past with Betheme, but with the new updates it has become even more amazing.The builder is awesome, and for me being used to Elementor, the transition was smooth. The theme options are infinite — for every single detail you have an option or a customization.
I highly recommend this theme for all the above and more, like many ready-made demos, awesome support, and lightness of the builder.”

Keep your portfolio website loading quickly with Betheme

While architect websites tend to be minimally designed, they’re chock full of photo and video files. Every file you upload to your pages adds weight to your website and can cause everything to load more slowly — from your website builder to the website itself. This can also negatively impact your search engine optimization.

Betheme and BeBuilder, however, are built for high performance:

Optimized website builder

WordPress page builders are notorious for being slow, which means it takes longer to build your websites with them. That’s not the case with Betheme. Recent optimizations have led to 30% faster use of BeOptions and 70% less time to build new pages.

Performance settings

You won’t need additional caching plugins or expensive web hosting performance upgrades with Betheme. From the Theme Options dashboard, you can cache assets, load Google fonts locally, minify CSS and JS, and perform other speed optimizations.

Lightweight websites

When you use a premium architect WordPress theme, their demos tend to come with a ton of extra stuff in them. Betheme’s pre-built websites are lean and lightweight, which in turn will help you design a faster website experience for your users.

Betheme is well-supported

In addition to the giant toolbox that comes with Betheme, you also get access to DIY and hands-on support whenever you need it.


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