The best kids and children WordPress theme

Betheme isn't just useful if you’re building an education-based website or a toy store for kids. This kids' WordPress theme empowers you to build any kind of website or shop you want — and you’ll be able to do it quickly, easily, and at minimal cost, too.

Flexible kids' WordPress theme designs and features

Spend less time trying to figure out which features to include in your kids-related website and more time customizing one of these pre-built sites:


Use this super-engaging, 3D kids’ toys WordPress theme to build an online shop for a toy-building studio or local toy vendor. You can use it to advertise custom toy-building services or to sell toys directly to parents.



Looking for a more traditional ecommerce store design? This baby clothing store template is perfect. Sell kids’ toys, clothing, books, and more through a clean, beautiful, and easy-to-use ecommerce website and checkout experience.


BeSitter 2

When parents need to hire someone for child care — be it a nanny, sitter, daycare center, or tutor — they want to know they can trust them. With this children WordPress theme, you can let parents get to know the providers and start building that trust before they ever meet or speak.



Children’s party entertainers can greatly benefit from having their own website. With this pre-built site, show off photo galleries from previous gigs, provide a list of services and prices, and explain how you bring fun and learning to kids’ parties.


BeKindergarten 4

Use this preschool and kindergarten WordPress theme to build a fun and informative website for your school. Tell parents about your mission, the lessons their kids will be taught, the activities they’ll engage in throughout the day, and more.


BeSchool 2

This is another kids' education WordPress theme available inside Betheme. This one will give your primary school a more buttoned-up look. In addition to showcasing your curriculum, you can also give your teachers a space to introduce themselves in full detail and with high-quality imagery.


BeDanceSchool 2

This pre-built site is an excellent choice if you have an extracurricular program to show off — like a dance school, music lessons, or soccer teams. Keep your message simple and let your images and videos shine.



Some parents are simply looking for information related to parenting and how to raise kids. Betheme has WordPress blog themes like this one that you can use to provide education and support to parents in a neat and orderly way.



Amusement centers, summer camps, local carnivals and fairs — building a website for these activities and programs for kids can be very useful in getting the word out. Not only that, you can set this website up to directly sell tickets to parents.


650+ other options…

After you install Betheme, you get access to all of the pre-built sites available. So if you don’t find an example of a kids’ website you want to build in the examples above (like for a speech therapist or pediatrician), that’s okay. There are other websites that are just as easy to customize and use.


Design beautiful and engaging kids' websites

Want to build a children’s website or store that makes parents instantly breathe a sigh of relief? Then it not only needs to look good, it needs to come with the professional polish and all the features they’re expecting to find.

That’s exactly what you get with this children WordPress theme and page builder:

Play around with color

Betheme’s built-in color selectors come with unlimited colors so you can create custom color palettes that feel bright and cheerful or safe and trustworthy

Make it picture-perfect

Whether it’s the faces of kids you’re showing off or those of providers, Betheme’s photo and gallery editing tools will help you paint them in the best light

Build crystal-clear layouts

Create custom layouts that clearly present all of your info, lesson plans, teacher bios, blog posts, and more in the clearest fashion

Add fun interactions

Create a website that feels just as youthful, whimsical, and playful as children are by infusing key areas of the site with microinteractions, animations, and video

Make selling easy

Whatever you want to sell — toys, clothes, tickets, appointments, or services — Betheme’s integrations with popular plugins make it a breeze

Create a responsive design

You never know where parents will be when they look up your site or shop, so use Betheme to ensure that every page works great on all devices

More than a WordPress theme

More than a WordPress theme Technically, Betheme isn’t a premium WordPress theme. It’s an advanced content management system that comes with:

  • Powerful and intuitive website builder
  • WooCommerce store builder and customizer
  • 650+ pre-built websites
  • 600+ theme customization options
  • 200+ building blocks
  • 100+ sections and layouts
  • Premium plugins worth $174

In other words, you get everything you need to build a fun and friendly website for parents and their children with Betheme — and all for a one-time licensing fee of $59.

No professional web design or coding experience needed

When you’re dealing with a website that sells something to parents, you want it to be professional, but not feel too heavy. With Betheme's website builders and extensive library of blocks and templates, you get to control how your kids’ website looks and feels — be it whimsical, inspiring, helpful, fun, or something else entirely. You can also pack it full of features that make parents’ lives easier when it comes to purchasing products or services, or getting information they need for their kids’ benefit.

BeBuilder website builder

There’s no other WordPress website builder like BeBuilder. It’s fast, easy to use, and gives you the ability to create beautiful, interactive web designs with just a few clicks.

Children WordPress theme

You won't need to design your website, new web pages, or extra sections from-scratch. Betheme comes with an extensive collection of high-quality web templates

BeBuilder building blocks

Pre-built sites will get you about 75% of the way there. As you customize your site, you may find that there are other features or sections you need. You’ll find them all in BeBuilder Blocks.

BeWooBuilder shop customizer

Customize as much or as little of the store and checkout as you want. BeWooBuilder will enable you to create the fastest, most seamless shopping experience for parents.

Web designers and small business owners love Betheme

Want to know why Betheme has over 250K sales and gets rave reviews on Envato? Here’s what our users have to say:

“Once you get the hang of it, you can customize the theme to your needs. It's easy to edit, has a ton of prebuilt sites, and the customer service is superb. I've been using this theme for a lot of my customers’ projects. Thanks!”

“Hats off! This is the best theme I've ever used. Great choice for a non-techie and beginner like me. Previously used Elementor Pro but must say the BeBuilder tool is a lot better. It runs very smoothly and does not crash the browser like Elementor, which irritated me from the very beginning. I am your new fan now!”

“One of the best WordPress themes I have used so far as it allows flexibility in the design, is easy to use and is well-supported by the developers.”

“I couldn't choose a single reason for this review. Everything is awesome about this product. What's more, this is not just a WordPress theme but the tool that empowers you to build anything you want, no matter if it is a landing or one-page project, full-fledged website or advanced shop, Betheme is a really great choice and the support is always there to help you. Strongly recommend this product in every way.”

“BeTheme has continually improved their theme over the years, and it's at a point where the non coders like myself, are able to create a really professional looking website with ease. The builder has a very intuitive and clear UI. The pre-made blocks and sections make it even easier to create a fully responsive wireframe in minutes.

They have great support and a forum as well. Highly recommend the company behind Betheme as they WILL ONLY GET BETTER AND BETTER.”

“A fantastic theme with lots of options, flexibility and most importantly great support.”

Expert support whenever you need it

Whether this is your first time using Betheme or BeBuilder, or you’re a seasoned user, you may have some questions about how to use this children WordPress theme or how to get better results from it. Betheme offers a variety of support options for when that time comes:


The most common user questions are here, so this is always a good place to start.

Theme docs

Our documentation will show you the ins and outs of Betheme and all its features.

Video tutorials

For those of you who prefer to see Betheme in action, check out the tutorials.

Support forums

For the first 6 months of your Betheme license, you get free customer support.